Cosmetic Podiatry

Cosmetic Podiatry

Most patients suffering from foot problems suffer from severe discomfort when walking and wearing shoes. For many people having deformities such as bunions, hammer toes, or extra-long toes can mean never being able to wear the shoes you want and like. Persisting with the same shoes if your feet are suffering can cause, joint pain, skin sores and corns. Cosmetic surgery can operate on any such problems to give your feet a better healthy look as-well as taking away any pain that is caused by a deformity. Podiatry in general can take care of all kinds of foot problems to have your feet looking great.

What types of cosmetic podiatry surgery is there?

There are many kinds of cosmetic podiatry some which can in terms of surgery blur the line slightly when it comes to being cosmetic and non-cosmetic. Operations that can be classed under cosmetic podiatry surgery:

  • Toe shortening- This can apply to both men and women, it is commonly caused by the second and third toes being longer than the big toe, making shoes difficult to wear. As-well as being embarrassing for the patient to look at they can be a cause of toes being cramped in to shoes causing sores and corns on the toes. It is a simple procedure lasting around 15 minutes to remove portions of the small joint of the necessary toes.
  • Joined Toes- These are usually caused form birth by the toes not separating properly in the uterus; it is generally the second and third toes which are joined. Once the toes are separated a skin graft is taken from the ankle to piece in the missing skin. This is piece of cosmetic podiatry can help people who could never show their feet have the confidence to do so.
  • Ingrown nails- Any ingrown nail can be extremely unsightly as-well as painful, they are caused by the nail rounding and growing into the skin causing inflammation and infection. Cosmetic podiatry surgery can mean healthy good looking feet once more. The operation is a simple one in which part or the entire nail is removed along with the inflamed tissue. You will then have two or three extra consultancies to check everything is fine.

There are also other cosmetic podiatry surgery options available such as hammer toes, flat foot, bunions and general toe deformities, a podiatrist can advise you on the best methods.

Non-surgical cosmetics

There are a whole range of other cosmetic podiatry treatments that can be carried out by a chiropodist or podiatrist, these can both maintain good foot health and keep your feet looking good. Some of the treatments are also available from health spas as-well as licensed podiatry centres, treatments include:

  • Routine Nail Care- cutting, filing and tidying of nails
  • Corns and Callouses- these can be removed and help offered to prevent
  • Dry skin and cracked heels- these can be massaged and rehydrated using specialist creams.
  • Insoles and Orthotics- can be provided to help take away the pain from walking.