Find a Chiropodist

Find a Chiropodist

Maintaining healthy feet is important to people in all walks of life, from children to adults. Many of us suffer from some kind of problem with our feet during our lifetime and regular foot care advice and a visit to a chiropodist can help keep your feet free from infections and also provide treatment to any foot problem that you may have. There a different ways to find a chiropodist.


Some foot problems may be referred to a chiropodist for treatment upon a visit to your GP, they may decide that a chiropodist is best suited to treating your feet in a way the GP cannot. Your GP will find a chiropodist for you, usually in the local area making it easy for you to travel. This could be either through the NHS or private depending on which is recommended, in some cities and towns, NHS chiropodists may be unavailable and so you may be referred to a private clinic. Private clinics will provide all of the same benefits of an NHS one, in some cases maybe more so.

Diabetes suffers are likely to be referred to a chiropodist through their GP and their condition requires them to have regular checks and treatment on the feet. This is because diabetes affects the joints and blood circulation of feet and makes them more susceptible to infections. Diabetics receive all of their chiropody treatment free of charge.

Home visits

You may be able to find a chiropodist that can provide home visits and come out to your home on a regular basis or as and when required. This can be done yourself privately or through your doctor if he deems the circumstances require you to have home visits. They are particularly beneficial to the elderly and disabled who find it difficult leaving their homes to attend a clinic, especially in winter time. A chiropodist can come to the home at a time that suits including out of hours care, evenings and weekends, they provide the same treatment that is performed at the clinic.


It you feel that you need advice and/or treatment to any foot disorder then it is easy to book an appointment with a chiropodist that operates privately. Chiropodists operate in areas all over the UK and it is likely that you will be able to find a chiropodist that is close to you. Doctors' noticeboards have advertisements of local chiropodists providing private treatment, as do local directories such as the Yellow Pages. When using directories, be sure to look at physiotherapists and health spas as many of these are now providing chiropody treatments alongside their current services.

The internets is awash with chiropodist websites and can be a great way to find a chiropodist, more and more are using online facilities to advertise and promote their services. Search engines can be a good way to find one in your area. Private clinic tend to be more flexible with appointment times than NHS clinics.