Foot Skin Problems

Foot Skin Problems

Foot skin problems can be hugely irritable to the person affected; they can make wearing socks and shoes uncomfortable and walking can become painful. There are many different kinds of foot skin problems that can occur to any individual.

Fungal and bacterial

Fungal and bacterial problems usually occur when fungus is allowed to thrive, this happen in places that are warm dark and moist, one more popular fungal infection is Athlete`s foot. Infections related to fungus and bacteria can cause:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Blisters
  • Dry skin
  • Peeling

Any of these conditions if left untreated can lead to infection and constant reoccurrence. A chiropodist may prescribe fungicidal soap to use when bathing as-well fungicidal spray and powder for feet and shoes. It is recommended to keep your feet especially in between your toes as dry as possible; this can be helped by changing socks and shoes on a regular basis.

Corns and callouses

Foot skin problems such as corns and callouses are caused by friction, they usually manifest when the bony parts of the foot rub against the sides of shoes. Seeing a chiropodist or podiatrist is needed when trying to treat corns or callouses. Over the counter products such pads and remedies to not work to tackle the problem long term, you should also never try to cut a corn yourself this can be dangerous and cause worse damage. Wearing better fitting shoes can help as can in some cases pads provided by the chiropodist, sometimes surgery is required to remove the corns.


Warts are foot skin problems that are skin growths caused by viruses, if you discover that you have warts on your feet then you must contact a doctor of podiatrist immediately. If left untreated warts can spread across the foot, warts can be treated by podiatrists using spray to burn or freeze a wart or if needed remove it surgically.


Verruca foot skin problems are similar is a fashion to warts, although a verruca will always appear on the sole of the foot. Verrucae`s like warts are viruses caused by strains of papillomavirus that can be spread. A verruca will look like a slightly raised circular shape on the bottom of your foot, any pressure on the part of the foot affected will cause pain, and it is possible to have more than just one verruca on your foot. Keeping the feet as dry as possible and using fungicidal and medicated soaps when bathing can help to heal a verruca, if left untreated they can go away themselves after a couple of months. Chiropodists are the best people to see if treatment is needed; they recommend that you do not try any do-it-yourself treatments.

Dry Skin

Dry skin be hugely irritable and cause itching and burning of the feet. Dry skin is usually a sign of a lack of moisture in the skin. This problem can be cured through the use of mild soap and moisturising cream every day.