General Foot Care

General Foot Care

Some foot conditions can be very painful and cause discomfort when walking; anything that does this must be treated immediately by a qualified Chiropodist or Podiatrist. Getting professional help can be beneficial to maintaining the long term health of your feet. There is, however, steps of general foot care that you can apply every day to help prevent and sometimes treat these problems.

Our feet contain 26 bones which are bound together by ligaments. Ligaments are supported by the muscles which are in turn supported and supplied with thousands of different blood vessels and nerves. This makes our feet extremely sensitive objects. Here are a few of the common ailments, some of which can be treated from home with general foot care.


Perspiration and sweating of the foot can cause bad odours, this can be really unpleasant. We tend to notice these smell when partaking in activities that causes the feet to sweat such as running or sports. Wearing good fitting socks or stockings, ones which are not too tight on the foot and shoes which have good air circulation and are made with light material can help your feet to breathe easier. Bathing daily and using a medicated foot powder can also eradicate odour as well as being useful for general foot care.

Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a fungus based skin disease which manifests itself in dark, warm and moist places most notably when your feet are inside your socks and shoes. It causes the skin to have lowered resistance to infection. To prevent and heal athletes foot you should bathe daily in fungicidal soap and look to keep feet as dry as possible at all times, this can be done by changing sock and shoes regularly. Fungicidal spray or powder can also be used to help prevention.

Ingrown toenails

Anyone that has experienced and ingrown toenail can relate to how painful it can be, sometimes making suffers unable to walk. They are caused by the nail curving and damaging skin causing infection. General foot care steps can be applied to prevent ingrown toenails, making sure to wear properly fitted shoes and socks can be a good start. When cutting the toenail, be sure to cut straight across without rounding the corners, improper cutting is the biggest causer of ingrown toenails.

General foot care rules

He is a few general rules that should be taken into consideration for taking care of your feet.

  • Do not wear tight fitting socks or stockings.
  • Avoid the use of any strong antiseptics such as; Lysol, Bleach, Iodine, Carbolic acid.
  • Do not use remedies or pads on corn or callouses, also never try to cut any corns or callouses.
  • When drying skin use olive oil and be sure not to rub too hard when drying.
  • Try to avoid bruises, cuts, cracks and burns. Also in cold and extreme weather avoid frostbite.
  • Avoid applying excessive heat to feet such as the use of hot water bottles or electric blankets.
  • Avoid exposure to damp around feet.