Nail Problems

Nail Problems

People`s foot problems can arise from many different factors. Some are fungus based skin diseases such as Athlete`s foot which can come and go, and others are formed over a period of time, like bunions. Nail problems can also be a big cause of foot disorders. Nails becoming damaged through injury and accidents, or through neglect or improper cutting can also can discomfort and pain.

Ingrown Toenail

One of the most common nail problems in the ingrown toenail, this can be extremely painful for those that have one, and cause the toe to become infected. Although they can be caused through damage to the nail causing it not to grow properly the main cause of an ingrown toe nail is through improper cutting of the nail. When growing the sides of the nail become rounded and begin to grown into skin folds this in turn causes pain. Ingrown nail problems can also be the result of a fungal infection, infection can cause the toe to thicken and turn yellow this forces the nail to curve and grow inwards causing the pain.

Treatment of an ingrown toenail can be provided by a chiropodist or podiatrist, most of the time the nail can be treated by cutting the nail away from the skin. This can be done by cutting a V shape in the centre of the nail so that it grows correctly. More advanced and serious cases may require surgery to remove strips of the nail or possible of the nail using chemicals to prevent the nail from re-growing.

Thick nail

If your nail problems are being caused by a thick and/or brittle nail you should arrange to see a chiropodist or podiatrist to have it looked at. A thickened nail can be caused through injury, fungus or even wearing ill-fitting shoes, and the damage caused affects the bed from where the nail grows. Thickened nails in adults can become worse if left untreated and result in bone overgrowth or in more rare cases a tumour under the nail. Thickened nails are usually required to be removed completely and prevented from re-growing through the use of chemicals. If bone overgrowth is present the bone can be shaved back, or if a tumour is present it will be removed and examined.

Black Nail

Black nail problems are usually the sign of bruising under the nail, this generally occurs in the same way as bruising on any other part of the body will occur, through impact injuries. It could that you have jammed your toe on had something drop on it. A black nail can also appear if the toe has been fractured or broken. Although not a lot can be done if the toe is not broken it would still be wise to see a doctor for diagnosis.


Cutting the toenails straight across and avoiding curving corners when cutting can prevent many nail problems, especially ingrown nails. Also keeping feet fresh, clean and free from moisture can prevent possible fungal infections.