Paediatric Podiatry

Paediatric Podiatry

Every parent enjoys the experience of teaching their child to walk and then eventually run. Sometimes children struggle to develop at the rates of others or maybe walk in an unusual style or pattern. Of course this can be purely due to development and learning and may be temporary; in other cases it may be more permanent of causing discomfort to the child. Visiting a paediatric podiatry centre or clinic may be helpful even if just to put your mind at ease.

Paediatric Podiatrist

Paediatric podiatry is specific to the treatment and development of children`s feet; paying a visit to a paediatric podiatrist can advise parents and treat children with unusual walking patterns, compromised posture or any pain that is caused by walking. Podiatrists can pick up early on any foot or lower leg deformities that may cause problems in future years.

Podiatrists are qualified medical practitioners in the study, diagnosis and treatment of any problems and disorders to do with the foot, ankle and lower leg. Often upon a visit to a paediatric podiatry centre it is the case that the parent may only need reassurance and a guide to carry out postural exercises with your child, in some other cases the problem might be slightly more serious and specialised orthoses or another form of treatment may be required.

Podiatrists can carry out a range of tests to study the motion of joints and maybe computerised gait analysis to study the walking pattern of the child to determine the extent of any problem. Any surgery that may be needed is generally put off until adulthood unless the case is extreme, all common deformities, lesions and skin diseases such as athlete`s foot and verrucae`s can be treated with paediatric podiatry.

Verrucae`s, athlete`s foot or any skin disease such as warts are best seen by a paediatric podiatrist, trying to treat them alone can cause worse damage to your child`s feet and have implications in the future.

Paediatric Podiatry Orthotics

Paediatric Podiatry can help to provide children with any orthotics that may be required to aid a child`s walking ability. The movement and rotation of joints is carried out by examining the motion of the hip, rear foot and big toe. If any abnormalities are found the podiatrist will be able you to prescribe orthotics by making a cast of the child`s foot, this is done my taking a number of negatives of the foot from differing angles and using these as the basis for a orthotic accessory. This can be applied to a child`s feet in the form of a specialist shoe or insole or to the hip or knees in the form of plastic or metal braces, these are applied to help the joints re-align correctly.

Paediatric Orthotics Products

There are a number of products that can be purchased from stores that may be recommended by the paediatric podiatry centre you visit. Foot supports, heel supports and children`s insoles can be purchased from pharmacies and some online stockists.