Podiatry Clinic Visits

Podiatry Clinic Visits

Going to your doctor for any kind of foot problem is usually the first course of action that people take. Your local GP can be very helpful in treating many illnesses but with foot disorders he may refer you to a Chiropodist or a Podiatrist; these two professions cater specifically to feet and the lower limbs.

Chiropodists will provide treatment to all minor foot problems such as verruca and dry and cracked heels, whereas Podiatrists cater to those problems mentioned as well as more major problem such as those within the foot, ankle or lower leg. Depending on the problem is may be required that you attend podiatry clinic visits.

What is provided with Podiatry Clinic visits?

Podiatry clinic visits can provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many different foot disorders. At a clinic you can be given what is known as a biomechanical assessment, this is an in depth examination on the movement and motion of lower limbs.

The motions of various joints are tested, starting with the hip, the knee, the ankle, rear foot and big toe. Assessments are carried out by the Podiatrist any result taken can decide what form of treatment should be given. This can be in the form of orthotics or sometimes surgery; all options are explored before surgery is decided upon.

Orthotics are supports that are formed to assist the patient is walking, they can be used if any joints are not aligned causing posture and walking problems. They are formed by making casts of your feet and creating a suitable support to assist you in walking.

Surgery is not carried out in all clinics as only qualified Podiatric surgeons can undertake surgery, surgery can be carried out for a number of reasons such as:

  • Bunions
  • Hammer toes
  • Toe length reduction
  • Flat foot
  • Foot deformities

Podiatry clinic visits can also be prescribed and used for patients in rehab with lower leg disorders following surgery, accidents or sporting injuries. Visiting a clinic regularly can have recovery assessed at each stage by the Podiatrists ensuring the problem heals correctly to enable the patient to walk freely.

Cosmetic and Paediatric Podiatry clinics

Alongside a full range of Podiatric services some clinics can provide cosmetic services for both surgical and non- surgical treatments, this is becoming more and more popular with people who dislike and want to improve the look of their feet. These services are provided by private podiatry clinics.

If you are worried about a child`s development with walking and movement you may be recommended to attend Podiatric clinic visits to assess your child`s problems, some clinics have experienced Paediatric Podiatrists to carry out full assessments of children`s limb movements.

Private and NHS

There are both private and NHS podiatry clinics across the UK; you would have to have been referred by your doctor to visit an NHS clinic to receive the treatment free of charge. Private clinics are beneficial for providing evening and weekend appointments as-well as a full range of mobility facilities.