Podiatry Medicolegal Report

Podiatry Medicolegal Report

If you have suffered an injury that was accidental or not your fault, or had complications with an operation that has left you with foot or lower leg problems, you may be looking to make a claim for compensation for the damages you have been caused. If the problem is with the foot, ankle over lower leg then you may be required to undergo a podiatry medicolegal report.

What is a podiatry medicolegal report?

A podiatry medicolegal report is an assessment and report of an injury to the foot or lower limb that is subject of a personal injury claim or clinical negligence lawsuit.

A full examination into the problem is carried out this could be for both dermatological disorders and biomechanical problems. Photographs of the injury are taken and tests including movement and motion of ankle, big toe and knee as-well as rear foot examinations are carried out.

Tests are carried out to determine the extent of the problem, what treatment is necessary and whether or not the problem has caused long term damage to the patient's foot or leg making them permanently disabled or requiring further surgery or orthotics.

Advice will be given to the patient regarding a strategy for self-management of the problem on a short term basis


The referral for a podiatry medicolegal report can be made by a number of people, the claimant can provide instructions to the Podiatrist themselves, and it can be done through the claimants Lawyer or Solicitor or as a single joint expert.

Upon referral the claimant is usual seen within ten days to undergo consultancy then assessment. Once the podiatry medicolegal report has been conducted the report is usually ready to be viewed in around ten days. A copy of this report is also sent to the patient's doctors as a professional courtesy. A copy of the report is also sent to the patients Solicitor or referral agency along with a letter outlining how many treatment sessions and what kind of treatment is required. In areas of one injury referrals tend to be limited to six sessions.

Podiatry medico-legal reports, costs

Medicolegal reports are usually carried out by private podiatry clinics, each clinic will charge different prices for the services they provide. Here is a breakdown and average guide to what prices will cost:

  • Consultation £39.00
  • Treatment Sessions £35.00
  • Follow up reports (this is provided after the period of treatment has ended) £45.00
  • Full medical and physiotherapy report £200

Claimants and Solicitors may require the Podiatrist that carried out the medicolegal report to present their findings in-front of the court or a witness or witness of fact, this also requires a fee of generally around £500 to £600. If the case is cancelled at short notice, settled out of court or rescheduled within 72 hours of the case then many Podiatrists will require a cancellation fee of around £300. This fee will be charged to Solicitors acting on behalf of the claimant.